Thursday, 20 June 2013

Observational drawing. All classes.

All age levels.
I have begun each art day with an observational drawing session for the past seven years. I believe drawing is fundamental for visual art. I have seen a fabulous progression in the children's ability to draw what they see, from one year to the next.
This term, I am attempting to show that progression.
I am getting each class to make an origami plane...trickier ones for the older children...then to make an observational drawing of it. Then they put their drawing up on the board and the children vote on the one they think is the best.
I ask them to keep the criteria that they used while they were drawing, in mind. EG;  Look for detail, 'shouting and whispering lines' and a contrast in tone.
I am collecting the top three from each class. The children know which drawings are exceptional.
I will display the sixty drawings in order of age.

1 comment:

  1. Another great idea because drawing needs to be practised just like painting or any other skill. The voting by the children is giving instant feedback to the children.



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