Thursday, 6 June 2013

Metal Tooling and Zentangles V1

9 and 10 year olds.
The children began by viewing You Tube clips of zentangle drawing. One woman described zentangles as organised doodling. The children divided a page into sections and practiced some of the ideas they had seen.
Next they draw a portion of a tiger, using photos for reference. The sketch was drawn using a blunt pencil, onto a piece of heavy tinfoil that they had rapped around a piece of card. They used their observational skills, drawing what they saw.
They placed their foil image onto a large piece of paper and extended the tiger picture. But this time, rather than continuing a true image, they used zentangles to complete their picture.
The children rubbed a combination of black ink and PVA glue into the foil image. We added glue to the ink as the ink on its own come off too easily. They polished the foil until they got the look they wanted.


  1. The tinfoil tigers look very effective with the pencil drawings around them. Fantastic!

  2. Thanks Vicki, you'll probably notice that there is still a large amount of page untouched in each example. This is one full days work. So not a small task. If this was my own class ,I would encourage the children to continue with the zentangling



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