Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Circle of Friends. R9

Six year olds.
The children were given a large square piece of paper with a tiny hole in the centre. (This step becomes obvious later, when they are cut and reassembled.) I asked them to draw 4 or 5 circles, each one larger then the one before. The first 3 circles were painted, then a circle had two layers of pastel applied. This layer was etched into with a stick. Another circle had a marker pen pattern coloured with coloured pencils. Another circle had marker pen designs with tissue paper overlaid. The remaining circles were coloured with wax crayons as were were running short of time.

I took a photo of their art before I cut them into quarters. They didn't look as horrified as I thought they would, because I had kept this step as a surprise. They worked in groups to assemble their work into a new patchwork piece.

I attribute this great idea to 
Many thanks.


  1. I love the title, "Circle of Friends". This idea would work for my schools inquiry into connections. Lovely colour choices and patterns created by the children.

  2. Thank you Vicki, I think the larger page was liberating for the children, they could be loose with their materials.

  3. They turned out beautiful. Thanks for keeping this idea going. I will probably reteach it next year as it is so beautiful and it teaches the kids about sharing.



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