Tuesday, 25 June 2013

3D Insects K7

New Entrants (5 year olds)

We collected leaves and sticks from outside. Easily done as we have just had a mother of a storm, with trees down, leaving piles of leaf litter and sea walls smashed. The school was closed. There was no power for 3 days.
The purpose was to create an insect using plasterina and organic materials. We began with a body of plasterlina. Leaves (wings) were pushed into it, along with sticks for legs and seed pods for eyes.
The second 3D insect was basically the same as one a previous class made, which I blogged about.

Invented Beetles K6

We had a little time left in the day, so the children painted canvas paper on both sides and secured it in the middle with a pipe cleaner to make their butterflies. Canvas paper is strong and can cope with being gathered even when it is still damp.

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  1. Good morning!

    Lovely pictures. No I know what you were describing!

    Anthony Gredig



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