Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pollution collage M14

8 year olds.

The children have done a lot of work this term about the causes and effects of pollution on our environment.
I asked them to decide what message they would like to make through their art.
They began by creating a border either using pattern or images that support their message. They used white oil pastels on coloured pastel paper. After viewing some of John Bevan Fords work, the children chose a limited colour pallet. They stuck to only those colours and shades when they coloured their borders.
The main image in the centre is magazine collage on card which was cut out and attached using a block of foam board behind. If they wanted to add text, they could use letters cut out of the magazines.
Some of the work is obscure, but the children's stories bring them to life.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

3D Insects K7

New Entrants (5 year olds)

We collected leaves and sticks from outside. Easily done as we have just had a mother of a storm, with trees down, leaving piles of leaf litter and sea walls smashed. The school was closed. There was no power for 3 days.
The purpose was to create an insect using plasterina and organic materials. We began with a body of plasterlina. Leaves (wings) were pushed into it, along with sticks for legs and seed pods for eyes.
The second 3D insect was basically the same as one a previous class made, which I blogged about.

Invented Beetles K6

We had a little time left in the day, so the children painted canvas paper on both sides and secured it in the middle with a pipe cleaner to make their butterflies. Canvas paper is strong and can cope with being gathered even when it is still damp.

Monday, 24 June 2013

tessellations V3

9, 10 and 11 year olds.

The children watched a video of Eschers tessellation work. They then made their own tessellation.

I used Holly's blog as an excellent guide for this lesson.

I asked the children to use traditional Maori symbols in their tessellations. Hence the korus. The areas of difficulty for some of the children was the careful positioning of the cut out on the other side. I has to be spot on to work well. Given more time I think outlining would be effective. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Observational drawing. All classes.

All age levels.
I have begun each art day with an observational drawing session for the past seven years. I believe drawing is fundamental for visual art. I have seen a fabulous progression in the children's ability to draw what they see, from one year to the next.
This term, I am attempting to show that progression.
I am getting each class to make an origami plane...trickier ones for the older children...then to make an observational drawing of it. Then they put their drawing up on the board and the children vote on the one they think is the best.
I ask them to keep the criteria that they used while they were drawing, in mind. EG;  Look for detail, 'shouting and whispering lines' and a contrast in tone.
I am collecting the top three from each class. The children know which drawings are exceptional.
I will display the sixty drawings in order of age.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mixing Sea Colours R9

6 year olds.
The children are also studying water in their class and their teacher requested that we mix colours to make water colours.
They drew wavy pencil lines across their page. They created water colours using primary colours and black and white. They coloured between each line with a newly invented water colour.
We cut a little line along one of the waves and their boat, which was drawn with indian ink and kebab sticks, was slipped into it. It made the boat appear to be cutting through the waves. The little boats are coloured using coloured pencils.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Invented Beetles K6

5 year olds.
These little people have been studying mini beasts. Today they invented their own mini beast using construction materials. The base is a piece of foam board. I gave them a square each. Most children chose to cut it into their own shape. Some cut so much they had to have a new piece. Little cuts in the sides were enough to hold thread in place as they created the texture over the body. The wings are pieces of plastic bottles. I hot glued them on, where they directed me to. The legs are pipe cleaners, caught in the little cuts around the sides.
The children drew then painted a picture of their beetle.


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