Thursday, 23 May 2013

Water pipes M10

7  and 8 year olds.
The inquiry topic is water. We focused on how we move water around. Pipes and drains.
The children began with an observational drawing of their shoe. Quite unrelated but a great warm up.

I asked the children to tape two pencils together so they could draw parallel lines on their page to represent pipes. They put their first pipe across their page, trying to make right angle turns. Subsequent pipes had to go under existing pipes. Challenging for some, but the results were impressive. They gave each pipe a different colour.

On a larger piece of paper they drew fatter pipes by taping a block between their pencils. They went over their pipes with a black marker.
They selected one pipe which they copied onto a new sheet of paper by holding it up to the window. They cut out the new pipe and I cut little slits on their page to allow the new pipe to thread through. It was like weaving. This gave the page a 3D look.
They used a different medium to colour each pipes...paint, coloured pencil, pastel crayon and used cold or hot colours.


  1. great idea - i love unconventional subject matter. pinning : )

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