Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tissue Beetles K7

5 year olds.

The children are very new to school. I was so impressed with their ability to follow instructions and their ability to work for a prolonged time. They discussed the attributes of beetles and drew one with a black crayon. I gave them a crayon so they would work 'large'. They were then given a black marker to draw their beetle onto card which I had punched a line of holes around.
I demonstrated how they could tear tissue paper to around about the right size and glue it onto their beetle drawing.
They followed up with threading wool through the previously punched holes.


  1. As you said Gretchen, very impressive 5 yr olds!
    Welcome back, I hope the reality of work and regular non-travelling life has not been too onerous!! : )

  2. Yes, clever little bunnies.
    I am suffering jet lag more than usual though. I can hear your voice when I read your comments thanks to your CD. I have listened to it several times already. (assuming you're the vocalist) Good stuff.



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