Sunday, 5 May 2013


My Princess Diana moment in front of the romantic Taj Mahal. I think I look remarkably fresh considering it was 38 degrees. Yes, there are thousands of people behind me, disappearing into the distance. What you can't see is the queue that goes around two sides of the Taj.

We got into our taxi in Delhi at midnight after 19 hours in the air. By 1:30 am the taxi driver still couldn't find our hotel. The centre of Delhi is closed off late each evening to due to violence. Therefore the few roads that were open, put us in a different place than our driver wanted to be. We had the Google map "blue dot" doing it's thing. What we didn't know was that our hotel was put on the map incorrectly by Google. Add to that there were hundreds of people sleeping on the streets amongst the garbage. The streets appeared to be one colour, dust, if thats a colour. We had to book into another hotel after ringing our hotel umpteen times without success and asking about 5 people for directions.

That description goes only half way to describe how I felt. India has been an assault on all my senses. It is a country that has to be experienced, not described.  


  1. We visited India on a 6 week trip Dec-Jan 2012. It was amazing, and a complete cultural shock! Coming through the arches to the perfectly framed Taj was an incredible experience that no amount of looking on line or in books can prepare you for. For me it was right up there with the Sistine Chapel. Hope you've enjoyed your trip as much as we did... :)Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, I think the time of year you travelled was probably more comfortable, temperature wise. I am pleased we have been to India. I think the experience will continue to intrigue me.

  3. What an experience Gretchen! Thanks for sharing, since I'll have to travel vicariously through others for now. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, what a travel experience! I would have been terrified by that taxi/hotel experience to begin a trip.

    And I had to do a temperature conversion, since I realize yours was written in Celsius - so for other Americans reading this, 38 degrees C= 100.4 Fahrenheit!

  5. Thanks for the conversion. We had a woman from San Francisco travelling with us. She would do the conversions for us too. It is hard to relate to F when you know C.



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