Monday, 27 May 2013

clay birds V3

9 and 10 year year olds.
The children made their clay birds in a previous lesson. I fired their work in the kiln. Several lost a wing or even a head. But nothing a hot glue gun couldn't fix. The little legs are string threaded through two holes near the front edge. The children painted their bird with one colour and left it to dry.
While they were drying...
We talked about Kandinsky. The children painted their page in the concentric circles that Kandinsky had painted. Several children noticed the effect that colours had on one another. I showed them how to make an origami butterfly using a youtube clip, several times. Those children who mastered it, were my experts and they helped the strugglers. They folded their painted page into a butterfly. I attribute this cool idea to
The birds are dry...
The children added details to their birds with paint and thin brushes.

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