Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Holiday time

I can't imagine I'll be adding posts during the next two weeks as it is our school holiday time, also I will be in India. Our very annoyed cat is in the cattery, the best place for her. If only she could understand that she wouldn't enjoy India.
Thanks for your support this term Bloggers. You're the best!

New entrants art day K7

The new entrants (5 year olds) had a full day with me today. They tend to rip through their work. And they did, although they did a stirling job. They began by making an observational drawing of a shell and cutting it out and mounting it themselves. They had been working with geometry in their home class, so I based some of their art around shapes. Hence the city scapes. When they were getting tired before lunch, they drew a shape they knew and covered it with one colour from magazines. After lunch I gave them kebab sticks and Indian ink to draw with. They loved this. The last art experience was working through carbon paper.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Koru designs V1

9 and 10 year olds.

I have taken this lesson with a younger class.
See Koru 12.2.2013

Today the emphasis was more about pride in their work, colour choices and design.

There are 2 examples of work in each photo.

I have given a full "here's how" in the first lesson.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

foil relief M12

8 year olds.

I told this class that they were my guinea pigs as this a very new process for me. I had to explain that. Some decided they would prefer to be bunnies.
There are a few things that can make this a tricky process to deal with. The foil can rip at any stage, the paint application is hard to manage and the rubbing back can smooth the indentations.
But saying that, it was a very enjoyable time. I heard a few unprovoked "this is awesome" comments.

The children began by making an observational drawing of their chosen subject. The drew it again with their non drawing hand, trying to make it as big as possible. This can free up those who feel they have to "get it right". Thirdly, they drew the subject (with their hand of choice) so it was larger than the page...zooming in. This is the image they drew on their piece of foil, that they had wrapped  securely around a piece of card, using pencil.
They rubbed paint all over the foil and rubbed it back as much as they wanted. They requested coloured paint, not black like I had imagined.
They stuck the foil to a larger piece of card and extended the drawing onto it using pen and coloured pencils.

I found the idea for this art process at Many thanks.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Jungle Murals R8

the planning
mixing colours
protecting the clothes

all chalked up

painting, the fun part

The critique

7 year olds.

This lesson I attribute to laura from Grey paper was the best background colour I could find. So quite a different effect to Laura's. Besides more paint on the carpet! the children took to the task whole-heartedly.


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