Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Little Red Riding Hood K5

5 year olds.
They all knew the story well. We didn't spend a lot of time discussing the story, rather we spent time talking about the forest. The children decided you couldn't see the sun in a deep dark forest. They said it would have flowers, bushes, tall trees and ponds.

How we made our art.

“We made the forest by using pastels. We screwed the page up and flattened it out with our hands. We put the brown stuff all over it to make it dark. It was dye.
We made Little Red Riding Hood. We used ink with sticks. We coloured it in with coloured pencils. We cut it out. We stuck it on using finger glue.
We did the wolf. We drew on the material with pencil and cut it out and stuck it on the page.
In the end we stapled them onto green page.” 

This is how they recalled the day. 
It was a great day.

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