Monday, 25 March 2013

etching V6

8 and 9 year olds.

I invite you to click on the images to enlarge them. The details are lovely.

The children were given photographs of ponga fronds. The real thing would have been preferable, but they are in short supply in my garden and it feels wrong to cut them down. They made an observational drawing of it on a page larger than their perspex.
They lay the perspex over a chosen part of their drawing and used cutting tools to scratch their image into it. We talked about hatching and cross hatching to deal with darker areas.
They rolled printing ink onto the perspex and put it through the press. Then rubbed the excess ink off the perspex, leaving the ink in the cuts.
We discussed the elements of a good display. One that allows the viewer to see the artwork without been distracted by crooked work. They decided lining pictures up with one another created a calmer feeling. Armed with a print, a piece of perspex with a backing piece of white paper and a drawing, they displayed their work.

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