Monday, 18 March 2013


5 year olds.
I painted red, yellow and blue in the centre of a six sectioned circle. The photo is above. Then I asked how I could get green, purple and orange if the primary colours were the only ones I had. With their instructions, I mixed the colours and put them between the primary colours. The children completed the sections, using magazine colours. They also cut out the correct letters for their names, which we added to the edges.

For the rest of the day we focussed on dragons. I read dragon stories to the children, looked at dragon pictures and discussed dragon features. They were quite clear as to what dragons, sharp teeth, spikes, long tails, claws, scales. the list went on.
They drew their first dragon with black crayon and coloured them with chalk.
Their second dragon was drawn on a piece of bison board, quite small, averaging about 10cm x 12cm and half a cm thick. They used Indian ink and kebab sticks. Once dry, they coloured the dragons with coloured pencil. Finally, they painted dye over the whole picture and around the edges, which appeared as a frame. I stapled a little string to the back so they could hang as plaques.


  1. These look great Gretchen! I especially like the very top dragon that looks to be by Jaxson.

    I've recently had a kindergarten class for some art, and I think these children have done an amazing job! Congrats to you for drawing it out of them so well! : )

  2. Thanks so much Joe. Dragons are a fabulous drawing subject at any level.



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