Thursday, 14 March 2013

crayon etching

9 and 10 year olds.

This was such a lovely lesson to take. The children listened so well to the steps they needed to take to ensure they were working on the correct sides of the pages etc.

I asked them to choose from a collection of photographs of animals etc. They drew an observational drawing of it on the back of the folded A3 page.
On a separate A4 page, they layered wax crayon on, beginning with the lightest colour. They had to do this thoroughly, or their etching would suffer.
This coloured page was glued on the left of the opened out A3 page.
The children then folded the A3 over and drew over their observational drawing, in pen so they would know which lines they had done.
This was marking into their wax crayon page and leaving a lovely line drawing next to the crayon page.

I hope you're keeping up as it feels very complicated to write. I think you'll find a photo to match each step.

Once they had finished drawing over their picture, they opened out the A3 page. There was a line drawing into their wax page, which they used to recreate their picture by scratching away at the crayon with sticks.

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