Tuesday, 26 March 2013

carbon paper art M14

7 & 8 year olds.

The children began the day as the previous class did, by drawing a fern frond.
They put it to one side, while they prepared the background. They put wet water colour paint on a page. They tried not to let the colours blend too much as they told me the colours would turn brown. While it was still wet, they covered it with cling film and scrunched it a bit. They left the film on while it dried.
This idea is based on a lesson from http://rainbowskiesanddragonflies.blogspot.co.nz

I found some "old school" carbon paper, which I gave the children to lay over their coloured page. They lay their observational drawing on top and copied over it...through the carbon...onto the coloured page. Ball point pens worked well.
The frames are their own ideas. The contrast of black and white works well.

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