Friday, 1 February 2013


7 and 8 year olds.
We had a discussion about what rain sticks are, where they originated and why they were made.

We had been donated a pile of long sturdy tubes. I used a small saw and cut them into lengths about 30-40 cm long. The children paper mached over one end, then added small pebbles before sealing the other end up. 
The children created a rain forest design on paper. They transferred the  design to the cardboard tube using  black crayon and pastels or wax crayon. I sprayed them with a sealer so  they could be handled.
I demonstrated how to twist two threads and fold them in half. They twist around one another. The children used these to decorated the sticks. 
It would have been a bonus to add baffles inside the tubes to slow the pebbles down.


  1. I have found your lovely blog through Pinterest. It is wonderful to find a New Zealand blog. I really relate to your comment about feeling isolated when you started your role. This year I am the full time art teacher in my school and no longer belong to a team or have my own class. I had a very successful class blog but I haven't started an art blog yet. I agree the blogging world is generous and willing to share ideas. I will enjoy seeing your children's work in a New Zealand context.

  2. Thanks Vicki. It's unusual to be an art teacher in a primary school in NZ. I'd be very pleased to see an art bog written by you.



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