Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Family / Whanau.

Five year old art.
The new children to our school had a day in the art room today. They talked about who was included in their families / whanau. Some families are complicated. I allowed the children to choose who they felt were part of their families. They drew their families, thinking about who was the tallest etc. They used markers in plastic sheets that had been donated. The children then dressed their family members using a selection of fabric scraps. They lay the fabric over the drawing and could see through to the black lines. They drew on the fabric the shape they needed, then cut them out and stuck them in place.

The second part of the days art was focused on the children's mothers. They talked about when and how their mothers relaxed. The conversation was lovely. "My mum likes peace and quiet". etc. I modeled for the children if they need it. They drew their mothers using black wax crayons and coloured them using water colour paints.


  1. These are precious! I especially love the pictures of the families! How can you not love the artistic expressions of young kids?! :)

  2. great idea, i love how there was so much going on in the brain, so many different layers of thought. FABULOUS-

  3. Great images. Thanks for sharing. http://www.whanau.biz/



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