Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fish art with 5 year olds

Five year olds.

I take classes of five year olds for the whole day. As a rule, they whip through their art at lightning speed. My job is to keep them motivated, while introducing them to new ways of working.
The children were given a selection of fish photographs to choose from. They made an observational drawing of the fish with pencil.
Then they enlarged the fish drawing using black crayon and another in grey or white crayon.
They coloured the fish drawing with water colour paint.
They made a black marker pen drawing of the fish. They varied the size of each piece, guided by the size of paper I gave them.
They used wire to make their fish.
They used torn magazine pages to mosaic the colour onto a fish drawing, which I don't have an example of. This takes a while to do. I ask them to make the pieces no bigger than their thumbs.
They became very familiar with their fish subject and launched into each new medium with confidence.

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