Sunday, 20 January 2013

Adventure Playground

8 year olds.
The children spent time outside by the adventure playground and took turns playing and drawing. They observed how children used the equipment and what the equipment really looked like. They used black crayons for their drawings, keeping them bold. Once inside they cut out the collection of drawings they had made and lay them on large sheets of paper. In groups of about 4 children, they arranged the drawings into an interesting layout and copied the drawings onto the large paper.
The painting was difficult as I asked the children to paint around each drawing in white. It is a technique used by a NZ artist, Claudia Pond Eyley.
The black line is still wax crayon, the rest is paint.
A group of children went on to paint their mural on the outside wall of the classroom.


  1. Terrific work! I like the way you approached this, with the kids actually having the opportunity to use the playground, rather than just imagining how it would be used. Very nice.

  2. Thanks Phyl. Luckily we had a fine day.



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