Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fish art with 5 year olds

Five year olds.

I take classes of five year olds for the whole day. As a rule, they whip through their art at lightning speed. My job is to keep them motivated, while introducing them to new ways of working.
The children were given a selection of fish photographs to choose from. They made an observational drawing of the fish with pencil.
Then they enlarged the fish drawing using black crayon and another in grey or white crayon.
They coloured the fish drawing with water colour paint.
They made a black marker pen drawing of the fish. They varied the size of each piece, guided by the size of paper I gave them.
They used wire to make their fish.
They used torn magazine pages to mosaic the colour onto a fish drawing, which I don't have an example of. This takes a while to do. I ask them to make the pieces no bigger than their thumbs.
They became very familiar with their fish subject and launched into each new medium with confidence.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

New iPad

I have a new iPad and am keen to see how easy it will be to add to my blog with it. I am still to work out how to add photos.

Well, that worked. Not sure where it came from as I didn't add any photos to this device. It obviously doesn't even need me. This is a six year olds drawing of Horton Hears a Hoo.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

wax crayon etching

9 and 10 year olds.

Multi layered crayon etching.

The children put layers of wax crayon on the page, beginning with the lightest/ brightest colours. Each colour was to cover the page completely. There is just the right amount of wax crayon to apply. Too much and it chips off. Not enough and the final results are dull.

They put a clean white page over top of the coloured page and drew a jungle scene using pencil. When it was turned over, the image had picked up the crayon and it was a mirror image.

The children returned to the crayoned page and proceeded to remove chosen sections, which exposed the first layer of wax crayon. Some children removed the negative spaces which was very striking.

They wrapped their favourite picture around a cardboard cylinder.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Adventure Playground

8 year olds.
The children spent time outside by the adventure playground and took turns playing and drawing. They observed how children used the equipment and what the equipment really looked like. They used black crayons for their drawings, keeping them bold. Once inside they cut out the collection of drawings they had made and lay them on large sheets of paper. In groups of about 4 children, they arranged the drawings into an interesting layout and copied the drawings onto the large paper.
The painting was difficult as I asked the children to paint around each drawing in white. It is a technique used by a NZ artist, Claudia Pond Eyley.
The black line is still wax crayon, the rest is paint.
A group of children went on to paint their mural on the outside wall of the classroom.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


 6 year olds

The children invented a vehicle they thought they would like to own. They cut it out and used it to trace around, making a silhouette on a piece of card. They carefully cut out the silhouette, knowing that the area around the silhouette drawing was what they needed. They chose coloured wool to wrap around a second piece of heavier board, laying each thread next to the last. The cut out card was put over the wool and attached.

Friday, 4 January 2013

snail drawings

Observations of a snail
5 year olds
This was a fun day. I collected several garden snails and put them on boards on each table. The children sat around with their sketch paper and black pens. They drew what they saw. I didn't want squashed snails, so I asked the children to let me know when their snails wandered off the boards. I would retrieve them. I was busy!
The children's language was rich and drawings were detailed. I haven't recorded them sadly.
They then drew the snail in white wax crayon, on a large piece of white paper. They put dark brown dye over top.


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