Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas

I will be focusing on relaxation, my family and friends and my own artful endeavours for the next few weeks.  This is where it will be happening, our Hawkes Bay house. The grapevines are already quite a bit bigger since I took this photo.  It is a very nice environment for "chilling out".
Thank you to all my faithful blog followers. Without you these last 10 months, this blog wouldn't exist. I am very motivated by your comments and following, which in turn has allowed me to see and react to what you are doing.
Best Christmas wishes to you all and those of you who are having Summer holidays now, have a fabulous time.


  1. Wow it looks and sounds perfect! Enjoy : )

  2. Thanks Joe, the weather forcast is a bit stinky, but it doesn't matter here. Happy Christmas.

  3. What a beautiful spot! Enjoy your Christmas Gretchen!

  4. Hi Gretchen,
    I've so enjoyed following you this year. I've passed on a Christmas 'gift' to you on my blog Dream Painters - a virtual token of appreciation :)
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  5. Elizabeth, a lovely gesture. Thanks so much. I am creating my list now.



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