Tuesday, 27 November 2012

group painting

Initial individual work.

Many thanks to Katie for this excellent lesson idea. http://experimentsinarteducation.blogspot.co.nz.

Collaborative painted artwork.
8 year olds.

The children began by making an individual picture with a criteria. Use black crayons to fill the page with two shapes, large and small. Connect the shapes with one another and the picture edges. Decide on a colour pallete and colour the shapes and spaces with crayons.

Then working as a group, decide on two shapes and paint these onto a large sheet of paper using diluted black paint. Connect in the same way as on the small picture. Collaboratively decide on a colour pallete. Some groups applied other restrictions such as "certain colours cant be next one another". I gave the children primary coloured paint and white and black. Also a board for mixing their own colours. It was very successful in terms of working collaboratively, mixing new colours within self imposed colour bands and enjoyment.


  1. Great results! I like their colour choices and the collaborative lesson structure : )

  2. Thanks Joe. The interaction and decision making within groups was commendable.



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