Tuesday, 6 November 2012

stick insects

8 year olds.

I spent Sunday collecting driftwood from the beach. I drilled a hole through in two places on each one.
The children took one piece of driftwood and two pieces of wire. They used the wire to thread through the holes to make legs. Then they painted the stick with a single colour.
They made a sketch of their budding creature. I showed them a collection of bits and pieces that they could choose from to add to their creature. They then drew what their creature would look like when it was finished.
Once the preparation was complete, they transformed their stick into a reality. They wrote a creature profile to support their creation. They decided what the profile should contain.


  1. Very creative! I like your addition of a literacy component too! :)Elizabeth

  2. Such a great idea! The naturally organic shape of the driftwood is such a good starting point. I really like the profile too.

  3. Thanks guys, I must say the room was buzzing all day.



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