Thursday, 18 October 2012

tree house crayon etchings

Tree house etchings.

Seven year olds

The children thoroughly enjoyed this whole process which began by drawing the ngaio trees outside in the playground. They drew several different trees and once inside they used the ideas to draw the tree that would support their dream tree house.

They became designers and drew their dream tree houses.

They explained a feature of their tree house, to the class. This was motivating and delightful. A lot talked about security features.

The idea for this process came from  Many thanks.

The children covered half a page with chalk. Then they covered the chalk with a few layers of wax crayon, finishing with black. The blank half of the paper is folded onto the crayoned half and the image of the tree house is drawn on the plain page. Once opened up, there are two images, one negative and one positive.

I asked the children to write about their tree house features. This was so enlightening.


  1. A different printing process, thanks! I'm always keen to learn a new technique :)

  2. these came out super cool. i like the writing element a lot. how many class periods did it take?

    1. Hi Gabriela, I have the class for a full day. Most were finished by 2.15pm. So 3 1/2 hours approx.



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