Thursday, 25 October 2012

kandinsky trees

Collage trees inspired by Kandinsky.
8 year olds.
This idea has been borrowed from I think her lesson was taken with an older group as the finishing was more advanced.
I exposed the children to a little of Kandinskys life and art.
They were given a heavy piece of card to draw their tree on, containing about 5 branches. The cutting of the card was a struggle, but we managed. The tree was covered with newspaper words. Our newspapers today have a lot of coloured photos in them, so I asked the children to use text only. They covered both sides of the card.
The problems that occurred for a few were using too much paste. This made the card weak and floppy. They will still be OK when they dry I think.
They added a little brace so the tree will stand.
The Kandinsky flowers were made with colours the children felt worked well together. They put a flower on the back as well, so it can be viewed from both sides.

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