Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ukelele art

 Ukelele art.
Five year olds.

Today I worked in the open plan room with another art teacher. I love working with her, as we complement each other well. We had 37 five year olds so we had to be on top of our game.
We put ukeleles on each group table and the children did an initial observational drawing in pencil. We encourage contrast and detail. The children cut them out and decided where they would glue them in a page.
Secondly, they drew the same ukelele on an A3 page with a fat wax crayon.
Thirdly, they drew it in pen on an A6 piece of paper, which they coloured in coloured pencil. We encourage layering of colours to create new ones.
The last ukelele was drawn in marker pen and painted in water colour paint.
While they dried, they made the strings. They tied four pieces of string to a piece of card with four holes punched in it. We stapled the card to the top of their ukelele and they threaded each string onto plastic needles and through the hole we punched for them at the other end of the ukelele. We sellotaped them on the back for them. They cut the ukelele out.
Some struggled with the knot tying, but several managed and they became our experts and they set off to help others.
We were flat out for the day, but every child achieved a great result.
They were keen to take them home to play them.


  1. Lovely idea grouping pictures using contrasting media and technique but linked by subject. Very effective! :)Elizabeth

  2. Thank you. I feel it helps to show a progression of skills and the processes.



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