Tuesday, 23 October 2012

shadow art

 Me and my shadow.
6 year olds.

A wee girl came in from next door to be our model. She made a few poses for the children to draw using black crayon.
They made another drawing of their favorite observational drawing, using pencil and charcoal. These were cut out and then traced around onto black paper which was also cut out. The black shadow was glued onto the page first, then the drawing was glued slightly lower and to one side of the shadow. There were a few hiccups...shadows glued on the wrong side, therefore mirror images; drawings put too far to one side so they didn't look connected.
The addition of the coloured squares as a boarder helped the images 'pop'. I think it us the contrast with the black and white.
The idea for this came from pinterest,many thanks.http://anartroomfilledwithfauves.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/2nd%20Grade


  1. I love these shadow pictures don't you? I'm definitely going to do one soon :) Your kids have done a lovely job, despite the hiccups :)

  2. Absolutely, and do try it.I'd love to see your kids results. Some lessons are winners, this is one.

  3. I love these portraits with shadows, and the collage borders complete them so well. Great job!

  4. Thanks, I'm going to try the idea this Christmas either with elves or Santa. In appropriate colours of course.

  5. Yay... shadows give depth, 3-d & intrigue

  6. I'll try again. I think they did well considering they had to flip the shadow around the right way.



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