Thursday, 13 September 2012


Tapa designs.
Six and seven year olds.
The children made a cardboard relief of tropical leaf shapes. Their design went diagonally, from corner to corner, on a square piece of card. They made several practice rubbings using wax crayons, to look critically at their design. They were encouraged to make changes as they saw fit. They put a 'mark' on the corner of their card. This was a rotation point. They were shown how to fold the large page twice, creating four sections. They put their card under each section and applied several layers of wax crayon in earth colours. They rotated their card on the 'mark', and repeated the rubbing process until all corners were completed.
To make the rubbing process easier for the children, I gave them an extra large page so they could wrap their card once it was in position, so it wouldn't slip.

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