Tuesday, 4 September 2012

mali mud cloth

  Mali mud cloth.

Seven year olds.

The people in Mali collected mud from the depths of the ponds and stored it in covered containers or up to a year. The mud fermented and became very dark. The men traditionally wove fabric. The women painted the fermented mud onto the woven fabric, creating designs. The children created their own designs and mixed their own mud colours. They used white pastels on brown paper. Then water colour paint.


  1. Love the earth colors Gretchen. I'm so glad I found your blog, you do such wonderful projects with your kids. I hope it's ok for me to pin some of them!?

  2. Thank you, that's so kind. I'd love for you to pin them.

  3. These look great Gretchen : ) It's so impressive how frequently you post, and the work is so varied! Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  4. Thanks Joe, I work four days a week, each full day with a different class. It requires my full attention. I sometimes repeat lessons if they work well, otherwise I make changes.



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