Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Koru design in Rueben Paterson style.
8-10 year olds.

I have tried this lesson earlier with a younger group of children. The older children's initial designs using the koru shape were interesting and complicated. This often tripped the children up because they had to cut them out, retaining the negative space as well. I suggested a glitter layer in Rueben Patersons style. This varied in it's success. We tried both putting glitter on glued paper shapes and applying glitter paint. Both methods had success.


  1. The top green & orange one is particularly interesting. Are they all cut out, or is one layer painted?

  2. Thanks, there is a variety of approaches here. They were given a black, a white and a green or yellow page. Some chose to paint the glitter directly onto the page where others left them plain or painted the cutouts.



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