Monday, 3 September 2012

kente weaving

Kente Cloth.

Six and seven year olds

The children discussed the weaving of Kente cloth from Ghana. They surprised me with their observations. Some of their quotes; "They don't use shading. There's not much white. The colours are bright. There's lots of hot colours. They use patterns. The colours go together."
They made a loom by;

  • folding a coloured page length wise,
  •  they drew lines widthwise. 
  • They cut along the lines, from the folded edge and stopping before the other edge. 

This creates a loom (like the beginning  of a Chinese lantern, if you know what that is)
They selected coloured strips I had cut earlier. They kept the idea of patterns in mind. When they had done their initial weaving, they decorated pages and cut them into narrower strips and started weaving overtop.


  1. Very effective Gretchen. Another great idea :)

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, these little people had had a days weaving wool with me earlier in the year. It helped them with their success I think.



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