Wednesday, 19 September 2012

aboriginal dot painting

Aboriginal art.
8 year olds

After a discussion about how and why Aboriginal people make their dot art, the children drew an image of a lizard or a tortoise as a base for their art. They decided  on what land features they wanted to include in the negative space. They drew the ideas onto brown paper lightly with pencil. They added colour using acrylic paint and cotton buds. They aimed to make the dots uniform, small and close.
They used the same images on a flat river stone. The surface is great to paint and draw on. This was not straight forward for many though as the area is small and they needed a steady hand.


  1. Love the rock art! What sort of paint did you use? It's amazing how often we independently do the same projects at the same time :) Sharpiewoman also did Aboriginal Art last week, which makes 3 of us that I know of - and they are all completely different! I think it's marvelous as I've picked up ideas from you both - next time I do this lesson it will be fantastic!!!!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. It is acrylic, as it comes. They used a tiny brush or a cotton bud, which ever they felt they had more control of. I love seeing your work, it's an inspiration.



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