Monday, 24 September 2012

stuffed birds

3D birds.
Five year olds.

I have blogged about how we made the birds on July 17 this year, with a different class of five year olds. This class is even younger. One little guy had his second day at school today.
The children made their black marker birds on canvas paper  which is tear proof. They cut them out. I taped each one to the window backwards. Then put another piece of canvas paper over top for them to copy their bird onto. This gave them two sides to the same bird that could be stapled together and stuffed.
Before stapling and stuffing, they painted them with fine brushes and water colour paint. I asked them to repeat the same colours on the other side. Some chose not to.
The long pictures are group efforts.


  1. Another beautiful lesson Gretchen. Your students are lucky to have such a great teacher :)

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, you are such a kind blogger.



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