Thursday, 2 August 2012

fish on text backgrounds

Before cutting

Before cutting

Drawing and painting,
Nine and ten year olds.

Each child in the school (that's about 500) is making a piece of art that will be offered to their parents to make into a calendar. It's a fund raiser. We have done this each year for a few years now. The difference this year is that I have been asked to ensure each child has a dedicated piece to offer.
There are restraints for me to consider. Glitter and metallic paints, fluro paint and relief work are all discouraged. The size is 19cm x 30cm. Dull mediums are not effective.
The other thing that is against how I would normally teach, is that it is all about the result. The process and skills learnt along the way are my focus. If the result is stunning, that is a bonus. It is always possible to say something positive about a child's work, all be it a small feature.
For this art we used canvas paper as it holds the paint well and the texture has an interesting affect.
The children did fish observational drawings(from photos) followed by more sketches. We talked about cartoons and how some features are emphasized. They responded enthusiastically at the opportunity to personalize their fish. They used black pen and water colour paint. The background is text written in wax crayon with a wash of water colour paint.

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