Thursday, 30 August 2012

cave drawing

Cave drawing
Five year olds.

In order to draw like cave dwellers, I had to give the littlies an understanding of what early man lived with and without. That was harder than I anticipated. Anyway, on we went with cave drawings. The subject we chose was hunting for animals. For some reason giraffes were a popular choice. I gave them pastel paper.  I stuck the paper under the tables so it created the feeling that they drawing on the ceiling of their cave. That was fun. We put the drawings back up on the tables and they discussed the colours that would have been available, which was successful. They used water colour paints to add colour to their drawings. When their drawings were done, they screwed up their page and smoothed it out again, in order to make it rough like a cave surface. They then tore the edges off to look ragged.

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