Tuesday, 28 August 2012

nigerian adire

 Cultural art. Nigerian Adire textile designs.

Nine and ten year olds.

We have a cultural evening coming up where art from different cultures will be on display. This class is contributing art based on Nigerian Adire fabric designs. The backgrounds are white wax crayons. The African animals and birds are stylized  on black paper, coloured with oil pastels.


  1. These are so effective. I especially love the bottom red bird who is looking right at me! I hope it's ok for me to pin an example of this to use later! :)

  2. Absolutely, Thanks. The idea is borrowed from http://afaithfulattempt.blogspot.co.nz. She explains the process very well.

  3. These are stunning! Funny, I admired the original post on a faithful attempt as well :)

    Rina at www.k6art.com



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