Monday, 25 June 2012

The cow jumped over the moon

five year olds.
"The Cow Jumped Over the Moon".
The art was done in parts, which came together at the end of the day. The children attempted blending the sky with sky colours. The cow, moon and stars were drawn using wax crayons and attached. The children had a piece of sponge each which they cut into a star. They put a little amount of black paint on a lid. They dipped their sponge into the paint and stamped the stars around the boarder.


  1. This is SO inspiring. I know my children can do more than just random colour (which has it's place of course) this wonderful construct of putting together 3 approaches to create a unified concept ihas rocketed to the top of my holiday activity to-do list. I'm off to set up some of it tonight on the dining room table!!!! Nicci

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts. This was very satisfying for the children. They made very perceptive comments as the colours came together.



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