Wednesday, 27 June 2012

dragonfly drawings

Seven year olds.
This fabulous idea has been adapted from Joe Hall's blog, Many thanks. The children painted an A3 page with one primary colour, across into a different primary colour. This passes through a secondary colour which they created along the way. We talked about not being able to see the change in colours. We used words like gradients and seamlessly. Once dry, they cut the page in half, lengthwise. They drew circles on the back of one half. They used lids and containers to draw around. These were cut out and placed on the first half. They were asked to put them on the contrasting part.
The dragonflies are observational drawings. These drawings were repeated using pen, therefore moving from a tone emphasis, to a line. The line drawings were cut out, glued to coloured card and cut out again, leaving a little colour exposed. The dragonflies were glued onto the gradient page.

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