Monday, 18 June 2012

four drawings, different mediums

Five and six year olds dragonflies.
The children made detailed drawings of dragonflies using photos and pencils. They enlarged their drawings using black crayons. I asked them to make the wing tips, top legs and tails to touch the edges of the page.
They repeated the drawing on a third page using wax crayons. They coloured them using 'warm colours' for the dragonflies and 'cool colours' for the background. They scrunched up their work then smoothed it out. They put red or blue dye over their work. It has a batik look.
The small blue and yellow cutout image began by drawing the dragonfly again using pencil without the details. The paper was cut in half down the dragonflies body. One half was discarded. The half dragonfly was cut out creating a negative and positive image.  Both were stuck on the other piece of paper.


  1. How lovely - so amazing for me to see what my Grandaughter Niamh Etchell can achieve in New Zealand. Thank you
    Dawn Etchell UK

  2. Thank you Dawn. Children's lovely work should be celebrated.



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