Monday, 21 May 2012

Ceramic bell made by a seven year old.
This as an exercise that takes a few sessions to complete. You'll need to have access to a kiln.  I adapted the idea after seeing something similar in an American art magazine.
The bowl shape was made as an upside down coil pot. It was left to become firm. The designs were stamped into the surface with found objects.
The handle was added using traditional clay joining techniques. This needs to be well done.
A little marble sized ball is made out of clay, with a hole in the middle. This is the tinkly thing.  Two holes are pushed through the top of the bell, on either side of the handle.
The bell and wee ball are bisc fired.
Water colour paint is applied to the whole surface and rubbed back with a sponge to highlight the patterns.
 The ribbon is threaded through the ball and up through the holes and tied. Make it a little loose so it will make a sound.

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