Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mixed media.
Art by a six year old.
A.A. Milnes poem 'Forgiven" is the focus for the garden artwork. The children made sketches outside in the flower beds. Lots of them so once inside, they could choose which they want to include in their art. They drew them onto thick, rough paper, paper with a tooth, in wax crayon.  Encourage a 'bugs view' of the garden. Plants to the top and sides of the paper. Watery white paint is applied quickly with a fat brush, then washed off. Experiment to find out how long to leave it on the page before washing off. A milky residue will be left on the page. Show the children images of garden insects. Give them sticks and a dish of Indian black ink. They draw their insects and cut them out. Encourage details. Stick them on the garden on a little square of card so they stand out.

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