Thursday, 29 March 2012

Christmas collage
six year old artwork
Our planet and beyond. The children prepared the background by applying pastel to the half globe and making the sky yellow. Then thick black paint is put over the yellow sky. Once this is dry, the children etch in the stars. The little houses are made of coloured paper shapes.
This works well as a Christmas calendar picture. Add a cutout of the Christmas reindeer with Santa in tow.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dora Maar portrait

Pastel, Picasso inspired.
Portrait by  a nine year old.
The motivation was a study of one of Picasso"s paintings of Dora Maar. The children practiced front and side profiles many times, addressing the positioning of features. Their art work combined two profiles in the one portrait. The colouring required very little of my support. They seemed to  colour instinctively. I did suggest they touch at least two sides of the page with their portrait in order to keep the image large.

Paper craft.
Eight year olds art work.

Chalk portraits

Portraits by seven year olds.
The positioning of features on a face were discussed and practiced. Then a portrait was drawn using black wax crayon on black paper. They were encouraged to make these lines dark. The realistic colours were blended using regular black board chalks. The portraits were cut out and attached to a background.The background is a relief rubbings is a variety of colours.

Water colour portrait

Water colour paint.
Portrait by an eight year old.
The children were asked to come up with guide lines for where features are positioned on a face. For example, the top of ears line up with eyes, eyes are one eye width apart, etc. Using the guidelines, they drew a portrait with black wax crayons. They used water colour paint (the primary colours only) and blended them to make the realistic colours they needed. When the work was dry, details and more blending was applied using oil pastels.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mixed media.
Art by a six year old.

Bird houses

Bird houses
Art by six year olds.
Backgrounds are wax crayon rubbings, of things in the playground. Encourage overlapping of colours and reliefs. Discussions about things appearing larger and lower when they are closer. Children draw three bird houses at different distances.  The lines are made with black PVA. While they are drying, pencil sketches of birds are made and cut out. The colour is added to the houses with concentrated dye, applied with cotton buds for accuracy. Position the bird and attach.
Art by five year olds.

Big discussions about trains of old. Use books, photos, toy trains etc, to get observed details from the children. Focus on tracks, wheels, shapes and couplings. Give children black markers to draw their trains. Colour is added using coloured pencils. Encourage layering of colours. This will help them cover the area fully, also to blend colours to make new ones.
Mono printing.
A nine year olds work.

My Art








Young Nick.
night houses
beyond the fence

shepherds warning


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