Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kandinsky Skies K5


5 and 6 year olds

What a lovely day. I think working with the tissue paper was almost therapeutic. I was very impressed with the classes ability to sustain a focus for such a long time to achieve these beautiful images.

I found the idea on A very clear set of instructions. Many thanks. In contrast to these instructions, the children did all their own cutting. We found a collection of different sized round things to trace around. Their newspaper city, they cut out of only the black and white parts of the paper.

My friend, also a teacher, found an excellent 'tidy up' song online. Tidy Up Rhumba I played it to the children earlier in the day, so they could listen to the words which are fun. The tidy up time was effective which is upper most and the children enjoyed it.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tissue on Tissue. K6

6 year olds

The children created a tissue on tissue picture of one of the characters from the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
They were asked to work gently so as not to rip the paper, to apply a little glue so as not the make holes in the paper and to only tear the tissue. This was challenging for some.

They made a second tissue picture of a field with Summer flowers. I gave them tracing paper to glue their tissues to. This was easier for them to work on. They will be displayed on windows so the light can do it's magic on the tissues.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Rapunzel with NE's. K3

Adding colour once the ink had dried.

 5 year olds.
This class experienced their first day in the art room today. It was a joy to have them as they oozed manners and were very responsive. I took a similar lesson recently... rapunzel-k2 which was also a class of 5 year olds.
The little horse and prince are made using ink and kebab sticks which they handled well, no spilt ink. They used coloured pencils once they were dry.
I used Hope's bubble cutting idea today, which I think was understood by the children as the cutting was good. dolvinartknight.blogspot Thank you Hope.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Dinosaur Fossils R7

A great example of team work.

6 and 7 year olds

Uploading the little video took ages. I reduced it in size to 22MB and converted it to MPEG. The quality is not the best, but its up.

The class has been enquiring into dinosaurs, their fossils etc. The children had a very good knowledge and interest base, from which we created.

The story book, "If the Dinosaurs came back" By Bernard Most was the starter for the team work.

Check out a previous post I made, using the same book and a class of the same age. 

The second lesson today was making a dinosaur fossil picture. We used the same dinosaur stencil the children had made for the first lesson. The drew around it onto brown card (looked like soil). They stuck the matchstick bones where they thought they should go. 

Lastly, a paint and crayon drawing of their favourite dinosaur.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Rapunzel K2

5 Year olds.

I played the story teller tape to the children, which I have recently found online.
They are stories which are anything from a few minutes to 10 or 11 minutes long. They are read by a variety of people including Joanna Lumley. They are a favourite of mine. I have had the box of tapes and books since 1990. They were given to me by the mother of 5 year old twins, who I was teaching at the time. They fill the few minutes between activities, the time just after lunch and the few moments before going home. They are calming and absorb the children's imaginations. The older children request them, to be played in the background as they work.

Some of the children had heard the story and were very excited when we started talking about her tower. I provided the cut up paper and the tall white paper to work on. They drew their tower and began the brick laying.
The stunning princesses have a crop of long golden hair which the children attempted plaiting. This wasn't very successful as it is a tricky skill.
The backgrounds are wax crayon, covered with dye, the prince on his horse was added last. He is pen and coloured pencil.

I have had a few goes at loading short videos with no success. If any of you have tips, I'd love to hear them. They are taken on an iPad and are only seconds, not minutes long.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Complimentary Swimmers M11

7 year olds

The class goes swimming on Tuesday this term. We set up our little wooden mannequins in a swimming pose. I held it horizontally so the children could draw the pose. They cut out the little figure and used the stencil to draw two swimmers on their page. They added the surface of the water. The remainder of the the process is here...  complimentary-colours.


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