Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mask Totem M14

Carrie's lesson 7-9 yr olds

This was a repeat of yesterday's artday with much younger students. I thought they would find the reflection of a word difficult, but as you can see from the results, they surpassed my expectations. The children used bright water colour paint in combination with black vivid line work to create an original mask design. These were then displayed on top of each other to create class totems.

With many of the designs, they had extended and
exaggerated to a point where the original word
could no longer be seen.

We started the day with observational drawings of dinosaurs, and went on to learn about cropping the image. "Like you do on the Ipad with photos?" was asked by one, making connections with what they already knew.

Caravans M12

Gretchen's lesson
7-8 year olds

I showed the children photographs of old caravans. We discussed where they were, why they were there, their shapes and colours and what was around them.

  • The children drew their own caravan shapes on practice paper.
  • They used white chalk on coloured pastel paper (rough surface) to outline their holiday scene with the caravan being the main focus. 
  • They coloured the picture with oil pastel. 
  • They went over the original chalk lines with a chosen colour to strengthen the image.

  • Once their picture was complete, they drew the inside of their caravans with pen on white paper.
  • They wrote a description of their caravan and any cool features it had.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Totem masks V4

Carrie's lesson 9-11 yr olds 'maths and art collide'

I have done this lesson a few times and it's always well received. The project starts with a reflected name or word (symmetry) and this is extended and exaggerated into a mask design, looking at North American Native designs to help with pattern and detail. I gave them few limits with colour, other than being bold and bright to contrast with vivid line work at the end. Everyone was very happy with the results and the Totems are now on display in the hall.

cutting around the mask design

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest V5

Gretchen's lesson
9,10,11 year olds

This is the same art day as I took on Monday, although this is an older class with very different results. 
In both classes, the children were self starters. I had resources in the shape of vehicle books, photographs, newspaper cuttings and images from previous entries. They were barely noticed.

Observational drawing warm ups.

Taking photos of the driver/inventor.


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