Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Owl and the Pussy Cat. K8

5 year olds.
The children are inquiring into relationships in their class. 
This classic poem oozes a positive relationship.
I told the story of the Owl and the Pussycat. I didn't read the poem at first. As I was telling the tale, two little girls helped me out by adding the appropriate line in the poem. They had obviously heard it several times. 
It was lovely. 

I then let them listen to the poem, which I feel they got more out of because they had been introduced to what was going to happen.

The sea and sky.

The children made a piece of art in four stages. The background was crayon and dye.
The owl was marker and coloured pencil.
The boat was green paper collage.
The pussycat was marker pen and glitter.

When all the pieces were dry, the children assembled the scene. I was impressed at how easily they put it all together. Some of the pussycats are in front of the owl so they would fit in the boat. Smart stuff.

The magazine collage "pea green boat".

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Complimentary Coloured Bird Cages M12

7 year olds
The children are inquiring into friendships in their class. I took a slant on this by looking at pets and how they offer a different sort of friendship. Similar behaviour applies. Pets need your kindness and care. The children were very positive and seemed to understand the link.

 The children drew three different birdcages using black wax crayons.The plan was to paint them with complimentary colours. In order to understand what complimentary colours are, the children made a colour wheel, mixing their own secondary colours from the primary colours. They could then identify the colour that was opposite on their wheel, easily.

They coloured the shapes they had made in their birdcage drawings, with their chosen complimentary colours.

They made little birds to go into their birdcages. They drew them with kebab sticks and Indian ink on cardboard. Once they were dry, they coloured their birds with coloured pencils. They cut them out and stuck them onto their birdcages.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Musicians of Bremen M13

8 year olds

We began the day making observational drawings. I offered the children a choice of feathers, shells, keys or leaves to focus on their details. 

The inquiry focus this term is about friendships. I chose the story called "The Musicians of Bremen", a classic by the Brothers Grimm. The children listened to the story...The Musicians of Bremen

We had a discussion about the value of friends.

 Our background is musical instruments drawn with wax crayon and covered in black dye.

We chose the time when the animals worked together to look in the window, to be the focus of our art. 
The children sectioned off their page, from large to small, according to the size needed for each animal. The drew their animals with marker and coloured with coloured pencils. 
I love the enthusiasm the children had for drawing the animals (which aren't easy to draw)
They cut them out and put them on the music background.


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